With appointment

  • Comprehensive treatment €83,00

    Washing, cutting and blow-drying

  • Men's haircut €59,00

    Washing, cutting and blow-drying

  • Hair dyes from €64.50
  • Hair dyeing contour/ parting from €25.50
  • Plant-based hair dyes from €64.50
  • Coupe soleil - comb from €43.00
  • Coupe soleil - hat from €82.50
  • Coupe soleil - foil from €98.00

Without appointment

  • Just a cut ' Quick- service €49,00

    This is a shorter treatment than the extended treatment. You can't make an appointment for this treatment, you just come in when it suits you. When all our stylists are at work, you may have to wait. You will be washed, cut and dried once. Naturally, you will also receive haircutting advice during this treatment.