Only the very best 


We are always looking for the best products for your hair care, in terms of quality and environmental friendliness. Oliebe, our 100% vegetable colouring and Zenz, our organic hair and skin product.

Aveda, Sebastian, Unite and MaxEli complete our range.

As the 100% natural colouring is not possible for everyone, we additionally work with MaxEli chemical colourings, these colourings preserve the structure of the hair and provide shine.

Authentic beauty

Authentic Beauty Concept is a holistic and premium hair brand that originated from a hairdressing collective. It consists of a collection of natural hair care products with botanical ingredients. They believe in pure ingredients that are carefully selected and vegan. The products contain no parabens, sulphates, silicones and micro-plastics. Authentic is about YOU and being real. About natural beauty and simplicity.


Oliebe is a 100% plant-based, purely natural hair dye. Those who colour their hair with plant dyes have entirely new experiences. It starts with the smell when applying the colour (you smell nature). And continues with the feeling, that the colouring really does the hair good. Thanks to the tannic acid and astringent substances in the plants, even lifeless hair becomes stronger and shinier after each treatment.


Since its founding in 1978, Aveda has relied on the power of plants: floral and plant essences. These form the core of the unique formulas enriched with pure essential oils, always following the philosophy that well-being is the basis for holistic beauty. Aveda's experts develop various products with respect for the earth and nature's resources. Completely animal-tested and only natural ingredients.